DetailingProfessional care with an eye for detail

  • Washing in several steps
  • Manual wiping with the softest microfiber cloths
  • Polishing away scratches
  • Protect your car with a ceramic coating
  • Interior back like new
  • Fantastic shine of the paintwork
  • Greasing the tires
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High-end wash

This is not just a matter of hosing down and drying, and then vacuuming through the interior. That you can get from the car-wash around the corner.
Your car is washed in several steps and then blown dry. This way, no scratches are left in the paintwork. Then we apply a spray-on wax. The rims are sprayed with one of our special products. We grease your tyres so that they look like new again.

The interior is treated with the same, almost manic attention to detail: not a speck of dust or scratch is safe for us.

The bottom line: you get your car back in showroom condition.


You think your car has a nice shiny polish. Actually, better think again. Even when the car rolls straight off the production line, the paintwork is full of bumps, microscopic scratches and dips. Through careful and repeated polishing, user ever finer polishing paste, these irregularities are gradually removed. In this way, we also remove scratches. 

Afterwards, we apply a wax or coating as a finish, in order to guarantee the durability of the smoothness. Your car will be protected against weather influences for months. Whichever wax we use (spray wax, liquid wax, paste wax, etc.), it will always be sourced from top brands in order to obtain a long-lasting result.

One thing we promise: you will not recognize your car.


We recommend giving your car a ceramic coating. This coating is completely invisible, but protects your paintwork from discolouration and small scratches. Water (rainwater or water from washing) just slides away from the paintwork. So no more calcium stains or drops on the paintwork.


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