PPF Paint Protection Film


Front Package

Protect the entire nose of the car and prevent most motoring damage and chips.

Price as from € 2.200 excl. VAT


Complete Package

Protect the entire car. This keeps your paint in top condition and you maintain the value of your car.

Price as from € 5.500 excl. VAT

Paint Protection Film
  • Protection from chips and scratches
  • Water and dirt repellent
  • Self-restoring film
  • Lasts 10 - 15 years
  • Installation by experienced and specially trained experts
  • Virtually invisible
  • The original paintwork remains unharmed below the film, which we can also remove at any time
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Protection from scratches and chips

PPF, or Paint Protection Film, is an amazing thermoplastic film that protects your car from scratches and chips. The film is light and transparent, and the perfect way to protect your car without compromising its beauty and showroom finish.

An important characteristic of the film is that it is self-restoring. When exposed to higher temperatures (e.g., warm weather or hot water), the film reverts to its original state and scratches disappear.

The film also comprises a special layer which protects your car (chemical resistance) and causes beading (water repellent).


Custom-made film

hanks to our Xpel dap cut software we can cut the protective film before installing it. This means that the film is applied with absolutely no damage to your paintwork. If you prefer a Custom PPF installation, we manually adapt the film to the specific size of your car. In this way we finish the edges to perfection.

Using a pre-cut-kit:
PPF pre-cut kits are the professional standard: pre-cut kits of each car component. Each detail is developed down to the last millimetre whereby we can wrap your car effectively and efficiently. The database that we use as our basis is ultramodern and updated daily with the latest models. This means we guarantee high quality.

XPEL Precut Software

A custom installation

In order to achieve maximum protection and minimum visibility, we can create the perfect wrap by enveloping each millimetre of your paintwork in protective film. In this case we adapt the kit, creating a unique film that encloses every single edge, lip and detail on your car. This takes hours of specialised work. However, we are keen to offer this option, and guarantee high-quality workmanship by our certified installers.

We check the quality of the work ourselves with an inspection within a couple of weeks of the installation. Thanks to this double check we guarantee durability.

In the future too, we are keen to support you and will help with any repairs, should these be deemed necessary.

Stof vrije cabine

Dust-free cabin

We go that little bit beyond the average paint-protection installer. For example, dismantling components to make the film even more invisible. As well as reducing any risk of dirt or dust in the film.

We strive for perfection. We also install the film inside a special cabin. This has a dust extractor, allowing us to almost always ensure the perfect installation.

Rooselaer Car Styling Trailer


You can make use of our closed transport.

You car can be safely collected and returned. From your home or your chosen location.

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Our brands

Rooselaer Car Styling only works with top brands such as Gyeon and Xpel. A bit more expensive sometimes, but it is the only way to achieve beautiful, but above all durable results.

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